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Black Lives Matter

I wrote a blog post which includes resources for ways to support Black communities and ways to confront and change systemic racism.

If we do not actively engage to work and end systemic racism it will continue and the lives of those in Black communities will remain at risk. That is unacceptable.

"Ending racism can only be done if white people consciously, deliberately, and sincerely look at how we perpetuate and benefit from white privilege (actively and passively).

So, I am adding my voice to what I dearly hope you have heard non-stop (because it must be stated and repeated and acted upon, again and again until racism, sexism, ableism are not embedded in our systems)"

It is not enough to merely be not racist; We must be anti-racist.

Weird Dream Society - RAICES charity anthology

The Weird Dream Society is a project of a small group of writers and a large group of friends. The Post-Apocalyptic Writers Society (PAWS) is a peer critique group, with members in both Europe and the United States, that has been meeting for years.

Early in 2019 the group decided to take another step together and publish a charity anthology 1) to raise money for RAICES and 2) to make a statement as authors in the genre community concerning migrants and the currently devolving situation at the Mexican-US border.

Over the course of 2019 and into 2020 publishers and writers in the community have responded with helpful advice and a multitude of stories, all of which has led to an incredible Table of Contents. In a time when so much feels wrong, this anthology is reminding us that people can be and often are both generous and wonderful.

WIP - Work In Progress

Coming soon:

Info on some of the stories and other projects I'm working on.